Dental Implants in Gravesend

Tooth loss is unfortunately something that millions of people have to deal with every single year. Tooth loss can happen because of decay, gum disease, infection, and trauma to the mouth. Losing teeth can also mean losing self-confidence because your smile changes dramatically. This is where dental implants can help as an alternative for missing teeth.

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Dental implants are an alternative to bridges and crowns. They are synthetic tooth roots that act as replacements for your missing teeth. You can have either permanent, fixed replacement teeth added to them, or you can choose removable replacement teeth. These will look and feel like your real teeth. They also might be better for your oral health as they leave more of your natural teeth intact than bridges do.

This type of cosmetic dentistry involves placing an implant made of titanium in the bone socket where a tooth is missing. The jawbone then grows around the implant as healing takes place, which takes an average of 6-12 weeks. A new tooth (or, if more than one tooth is missing, a denture) is connected with something called an abutment, which attaches to the implant. This is a natural-feeling option for missing teeth available at Novel Dental Group - Gravesend Dental Surgery.

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