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Wedding Smiles for The Perfect Day

If you’re getting married soon, then congratulations!

At Novel Dental Care we understand the importance of looking and feeling your absolute best on your Big Day – All eyes will be on you for the most important day of your lives!

The perfect wedding is incomplete without the perfect smile. Weddings are also one of the most photographed days of our lives. Having a beautiful smile is an easy but important way to make sure your wedding day is as beautiful as you have always dreamed.

Dental Implants

Implants replacing missing teeth usually take about 3 months to fuse into place before they can be restored with a crown or bridge. So if you’re thinking about getting implants, make sure you leave enough time before your wedding day.

Teeth Straightening

Six Month Smiles is an alternative teeth straightening system for adults who wish to address crooked or misaligned teeth or visible gaps. Unlike more traditional orthodontic treatment, with Six Month Smiles, you’ll achieve the smile of your dreams in just 6 months. This effective teeth straightening system uses discreet clear braces and tooth-coloured wires which makes them virtually invisible.

Porcelain Veeners

Porcelain Veneers can transform chipped, dark, worn or stained teeth into a perfect smile. What’s more, the results are fast – a perfect smile can often be achieved in just one month.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a great way to hide those unsightly yellow and stains on your teeth and to give your smile some sparkle. Home whitening takes around two to three weeks and in-chair whitening can be done in just one appointment.

Dental Hygiene

Your dentist will assess the condition of your gums and teeth and then will gently remove any built-up plaque from the surfaces and in between the teeth. They will also polish the teeth, which helps to remove stains, and gives you that wonderful gleaming clean feeling! You will also receive advice related to brushing and flossing,

Wedding Timeline

We’re used to working to a deadline, but please don’t leave it too late. Smiles are for life, not just for your wedding so we won’t cut corners. Please note, the time durations are minimum times. However, more is always better! There are dozens of ways to make your smile bright and beautiful for your wedding day.

Schedule a consultation

Learn more about your wedding makeover by visiting our team at Novel Dental Group in Gravesend.  If you would like to schedule an appointment, call 01474 352 990 or request an appointment online.