Emergency Dentist in Gravesend

Dental emergencies happen at any time of day, making it challenging to access treatment when you need it most. When accidents happen, you can get the dental care you need at the Novel Dental Group.


A dental emergency is any type of dental problem that causes extreme discomfort or significantly affects your general health. Some common dental emergencies include:

●      A tooth knocked out due to external trauma, such as a sporting or automobile accident

●      A fractured tooth

●      A broken tooth that has exposed the pulp

●      A lost or broken dental restoration, such as a crown, dentures, or veneers

●      Damage to orthodontic devices, such a wires or brackets

●      Excessive and persistent swelling

●      Uncontrolled bleeding

●      Infection following a dental procedure

●      Objects lodged inside the mouth

●      Continuous throbbing toothache

●      Lacerations to the gums


Each dental emergency is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Emergency care for a damaged tooth may involve a root canal. Your dentist can also cement a broken tooth back in place and provide temporary restorations while damaged appliances are being repaired. In the case of infection, swelling or bleeding, your emergency dentist can stop the source of the issue and prescribe a course of antibiotics.


Do call the Novel Dental Group – Gravesend Dental Surgery on 01474 352990 to discuss your emergency.

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