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Airflow Tooth Polishing

Airflow tooth polishing is an innovative, non-invasive dental hygiene treatment that removes surface stains and plaque from your teeth, giving them a brighter appearance while reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

How does airflow tooth polishing work?

A gentle jet of air, water, and sodium bicarbonate is used to remove bacteria and stains from your teeth.

Why might I need airflow tooth polishing?

Airflow tooth polishing quickly, gently and effectively removes superficial stains and gives the teeth a brighter appearance.This treatment can be suitable for patients with sensitive teeth because there is no contact with the teeth.

How long do the results last for?

How long your results last will depend on your oral hygiene and lifestyle practices following the procedure. Refrain from smoking and limit your consumption of foods and drinks known to stain teeth.

If you would like to book an airflow tooth polishing treatment, call us on 01474 352 990 or email

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