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If a root canal fails to eliminate a dental pulp infection completely, you may require an apicectomy, otherwise known as root resection.

Why might I need an apicectomy?

It is essential that any recurring infection is treated as quickly as possible to prevent it from spreading to the surrounding teeth and tissues.

How does the dentist perform the procedure?

Dr Amin will numb the affected area with a local anaesthesia before making an incision in the gum below the affected tooth. He will lift a section of the gum and may need to remove some of the tissue to access the tooth root. Next, he will remove the tip of the infected root. If there are any cysts, Dr Amin will remove them along with any surrounding tissue that may have been damaged by the infection. Lastly, he will replace the section of gum and close the incision with dissolvable stitches.

How will I feel afterward?

The affected area may feel sore for a few days after the procedure, and some swelling may occur. If needed, you will be prescribed painkillers to take following the treatment, which should help you manage any discomfort.

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