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Re-Root Canal Treatment

In rare cases, a root canal procedure may not successfully remove the infection, and it may be necessary to undergo a second root canal treatment.

Re-root canal treatment involves re-opening an infected tooth and removing the damaged pulp. This is necessary to avoid extraction.

Why might I need re-root canal treatment?

The most common reason for a repeat root canal treatment is due to the intricacies of the root canal. The root canal can have many tiny branches. If bacteria remain in these areas, reinfection may occur. Despite your dental practice’s best efforts, they may not have been identified all the infected tiny branches on the initial x-rays or medical images.

Fortunately, when you get a root canal today, advances in medical imaging allow us to map out a root canal with far greater accuracy, and instances of reinfection are becoming increasingly rare.

What does re-root canal treatment involve?

During re-root canal treatment, Dr Amin will first apply local anaesthesia to the affected area. If your tooth was restored with a dental crown after the previous treatment, it will be temporarily removed. Next, Dr Amin will remove the sealant and clear out any residual infected tissue.

The tooth will be cleaned and disinfected and resealed with fresh filling material. If it is possible to place the original crown back on your tooth, Dr Amin will do so. If not, he will fit a temporary crown and have the laboratory make a new one he will fit at a later appointment.

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